Azqore Consulting Services, to make your projects advance

For more than 25 years, the Azqore team has been improving the information systems and the operating processes of the banks that form the user community. Its specialists make cutting-edge developments, fine tune organizations and lead complex projects for a wide range of clients. Azqore’s consultants stand apart from their peers owing to their specialization, track record and approach, and because they are highly skilled in three areas of expertise: Wealth Management, IT and Digital, and Change Management. They are the ideal partners of wealth managers with plans for the future.

Covering all the IT and organization plans of a private bank

With the expertise gained from past IT and business process projects, the Azqore team has developed a core skill set in helping organizations transform, whether or not their projects involve our S2i platform. Be it to improve your productivity, reduce your operational risks or increase your profitability, we will draw on our experience and expertise to make your projects a success. Our Azqore Consulting Services team can analyze your IT or functional questions and propose the appropriate solution, we can help you plan and manage change, and can even oversee the execution of your project. Whether we are making resources available or providing project management services, you can count on us and our extensive expertise.

Making your business processes more efficient

Once in a while, to go further, you may feel that you need to revamp some or all of your organization. Whether your goal is to improve productivity, reduce operational risk or increase your profitability, Azqore will place its Wealth Management Business Consulting experts at your disposal. Thanks to our project approach, our command of business processes and our familiarity with best practices, your projects will be rendered more effective.

IT and Digital Consulting, from A to Z

Azqore Consulting Services will help you complete your IT analysis or developments, whether or not they involve digital, and even if they are unrelated to our platform.

As well as benefitting from our detailed knowledge about your organization and our highly-specialized banking IT consultants, the IT Consulting assignments that you entrust to us will also benefit from our privileged access to the skills and expertise of Capgemini, one of the world leaders in technology consulting with strong ties to the private banking sector, and a company committed to Azqore through a long-standing alliance.

Lastly, to complete your digital transformation projects under an agile model, Azqore will provide access to the Digital Factory, which performs market intelligence, offers a structured, flexible development environment, co-construction, and more.

Helping you with change management

Finally, because change cannot be decreed, Azqore capitalizes on its extensive project management experience and will mobilize its capable change management expertise for you. By sharing the project and its motives, identifying and addressing resistance, and mitigating risk, we can help you manage change worry-free.

Onboard your S2i

The guarantee of a well-planned transition

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience, our seasoned teams will take charge of your onboarding to our shared platform completely securely and in just a few months, in line with your specific needs and the agreed timeframe.

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Customize your S2i

S2i tailored to your needs

At Azqore, pooling does not mean adopting standard solutions. You will benefit from ongoing possibilities to configure and customize your S2i. In addition, your requests for upgrades and specific projects will be at the center of our Project Plan. S2i is your S2i.

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Open and Digitalize your S2i

Expand your possibilities

S2i is an integrated platform, but it can open up to the external solutions you need, and its functionalities can be digitalized on request. Welcome to an integrated AND open system.

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