Join S2i effortlessly

When a private bank decides to outsource the management of its banking operating system to us, it is also because of the high level of security and service quality that we deliver during Onboarding - the crucial stage when it joins our platform.

Excellence born out of experience and specialization

Our teams, who are highly skilled in banking IT and wealth management and private banking processes, are the first part of your security guarantee, ensuring we fully understand your challenges and processes. Added to that is our experience: over the past 25 years, we have successfully completed more than 50 migration projects, always within budget and on time. A unique track record, to give you peace of mind.

The power of our extensive experience

Trajectoire de succés

Meeting your business needs

Above and beyond our proven methodology, what makes us different is the care and attention we give to each onboard to S2i; a critical operation that must be managed with a customized approach. We are geared toward identifying your needs pre-process and finding solutions to satisfy those needs after your migration to our platform. One of the major strengths of our S2i solution is that it is extremely configurable.

Easing your workload

Another example of our unique commitment to quality of service is the guarantee of premium level support throughout your project. Azqore will handle the transfer of your data on its own.

The Preparation and Planning stage, the key to success

A successful migration depends primarily on the upstream analysis of the existing situation. Our team will devote the time needed to do this properly. We need to grasp how you function, understand your banking ecosystem, learn how your data are structured, analyze your processes, etc. This analysis will allow us to offer you the best Target Operating Model (TOM) - the one able to optimize your operations - and then identify the work that needs to be done and any special development work required to ensure success, and to put together the teams able to achieve this. The information collected and documented in this thorough process will serve as the basis for establishing the technical and financial details of the project and the timeframe for its implementation. Our preparatory work will further your confidence in us.

The Execution stage, carefully controlled

After this in-depth analysis and the implementation of an appropriate strategy and system to complete the work required, we will be well prepared to begin the Execution stage. Our project team will work both on site and from our offices at different stages in the project to complete the various phases of the onboarding process: customizing the platform, setting up the network of counterparties, establishing user profiles for staff and e-banking/m-banking users, configuring the infrastructure and environment, programming for the migration, etc.
If you wish, we can provide communications and change management support to ensure a seamless transition.
As we progress, tests and certifications will be performed prior to the switch-over, initially by our teams then finally alongside your staff to allow them to fully appropriate the system. Two-way training is also organized to enable your teams to learn how to use S2i and our own staff to understand your specific requirements.

Integration in full confidence, with our support and guarantees

The next stage is the integration, or switch-over, which we will prepare with you by organizing tests during which controls will be performed and transactions entered to ensure the go live stage goes smoothly. We will also monitor any ongoing transactions initiated prior to migration that will be settled afterwards.
And you will have joined the S2i user community. Welcome! S2i is your new banking platform.
A team of Azqore experts will provide support in your offices for the launch, ensuring your users have hands-on assistance while they familiarize themselves with the system. Next, our Customer Support Department will take over and can be counted on to always be at your side.
You will also receive Azqore’s guarantee: no matter what the problem, we will analyze it and implement the correction.

Key figures

6 to 12

months on average to migrate to S2i

3 months

The possibility of joining S2i from scratch in 3 months


of costs and deadlines met, with 60 migrations completed

S2i as a Service

Outsource your IT

In an environment of transformation, S2i as a Service is an industry-leading solution. Its reliability and its possibilities, its geographical coverage, its continuous upgrades and its economic performance make all the difference.

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Banking Operations

Entrust your back office to us

As well as your information system, you can also entrust your back office processes to us. Our highly-specialized experts and our disciplined approach ensure careful management of your operational risks.

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Customize your S2i

S2i tailored to your needs

At Azqore, pooling does not mean adopting standard solutions. You will benefit from ongoing possibilities to configure and customize your S2i. In addition, your requests for upgrades and specific projects will be at the center of our Project Plan. S2i is your S2i.

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Open and Digitalize your S2i

Expand your possibilities

S2i is an integrated platform, but it can open up to the external solutions you need, and its functionalities can be digitalized on request. Welcome to an integrated AND open system.

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