Open and Digitalize your S2i

S2i is a fully integrated high-performance platform, but Azqore offers the possibility of opening it up to the external solutions needed by the user community. Azqore’s teams can also digitalize an S2i functionality on request.

Openness, our ambition

Azqore ensures its S2i system is open. For the members of our user community, we interface S2i with the external solutions they need to meet the specific requirements of their country of operation or a particular activity. With its lengthy experience, S2i already has interfaces with a wide range of external software, for example:

Bloomberg BVALFiREReuters RTNS
DataFoundationGTExchangeUL Bridge
EasyTaxGTFrameValordata Feed
Euronet CMSGTMatchValos
Evolan ReportKeeSenseWinCredit

S2i can easily be digitalized

Digital developments are, of course, needed to open up S2i to third party software. For example, Azqore’s partner banks can offer their clients access to eS2i and mS2i, its e-banking and m-banking platforms, which are among the best on the private banking market.

In addition, the transactions and functions processed on our banking platform can be connected to the outside world via front-end APIs* that allow the customization of digital solutions.

*An API is an Application Programming Interface, an IT solution that allows applications to communicate and exchange services.

Your Digital Factory

Azqore has a dedicated structure to help its clients with their digital transformation - the Digital Factory - which was set up at the request of one of its members. Comprised of business analysts, project managers and technical experts, the Digital Factory works for and with our client banks, using agile methods and separate premises with a start-up mindset that fosters interaction. It also draws on the expertise and experience of Capgemini, with which we have a long-standing technology partnership.

The Digital Factory is a small structure on a human scale, comprising around twenty specialists who work in Lausanne, Geneva and Nantes.

It performs market intelligence so it can make proposals on how to meet the changing needs of private banks’ clients. As a partner of 30 of Azqore’s client banks, the Digital Factory helps them set up new digital functionalities for their own clients.

Lastly, the Digital Factory provides its user community with a support function for existing solutions in e-banking (internet banking using the S2i platform) and m-banking (mobile banking apps). It is part of the Helpdesk service offered by Azqore.

Onboard your S2i

The guarantee of a well-planned transition

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience, our seasoned teams will take charge of your onboarding to our shared platform completely securely and in just a few months, in line with your specific needs and the agreed timeframe.

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Customize your S2i

S2i tailored to your needs

At Azqore, pooling does not mean adopting standard solutions. You will benefit from ongoing possibilities to configure and customize your S2i. In addition, your requests for upgrades and specific projects will be at the center of our Project Plan. S2i is your S2i.

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Consulting Services

Move your projects forward

Azqore has advanced its user community’s systems and processes for 25 years. Its consultants are highly specialized experts with a solid track record - wealth managers’ ideal partners for their future projects.

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