The S2i Club for our user community

The community spirit that underlies the idea of pooling is embedded in Azqore’s origins, and it stands at the heart of our identity. To bring our user community to life outside the scope of the shared operating system and services, we set up the S2i Club, which holds quarterly meetings to discuss our shared company, its present and future and to find inspiration by looking further ahead.

Forging ties to advance together

Our staff have a close bond with our clients’ employees due to the relationships they establish over the long term.

To foster a similar mindset among our clients, who share a common interest - the quality of our services - we set up a club for users, the S2i Club.

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A quarterly meeting

Meetings are held for our clients’ executive managers and heads of function four times a year, mainly in Geneva, and soon in Singapore.

They have a brief agenda to take into account participants’ busy schedules, lasting an hour and a half either at the start or the end of the day, with a maximum of ten participants to allow for meaningful discussions. A video-conferencing service is available for clients unable to attend in person.

S2i Club meeting topics

Some meetings present new developments on the platform, and participants’ feedback allows us to fine-tune the adjustments to client requirements. Others look ahead to the future, to discuss functionalities participants would like to see developed in specific areas.

Since 2017, the S2i Club has held meetings on the following topics:

     › The portfolio management system
     › Automatic exchange of information
     › Business Intelligence
     › EMIR, the European Market International Regulation, and OTC reporting
     › KYC, Know Your Customer

... as well as looking to the future.

Recently, we extended the themes we cover to discuss future trends with our users. These sessions are hosted by external experts in the subject area under discussion. The topics covered or scheduled in 2018 include crypto-currencies and compliance automation. With the S2i Club, join the wealth managers of the future.

Our commitments

Reliability and expertise in operational risk management

Azqore’s services can be relied on in the same way as Swiss watch movements. Our quality, security and control policies underpin our pursuit of operational excellence and risk management.

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Our commitments

Regulatory compliance lies at the heart of our activity

Azqore will not do business without full compliance. As a subsidiary of a major global banking group and a partner and service provider of banks regulated in Asia, Europe and Switzerland, we guarantee best practices.

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