4 levels


4 levels




Cultural diversity, in all its forms, is crucial at Azqore. Notably, it encourages collaboration between teams from our different geographical areas, among and with our clients as well as shareholders. Within our company, more than twenty different nationalities are represented, embodied by the women and men who, daily, interact with the aim of meeting client satisfaction.

Gender diversity is also fundamental, and we consider inclusiveness, in the broadest possible sense, a true lever of performance. Operating in a labour market affected by the under-representation of women, Azqore follows its ambition, and duty, to achieve the proper representation of women in all its professions. Its progress in these areas is already tangible, notably with the launch of two dedicated programs (Tremplin and Mentorat).

Azqore offers its employees a rich and stimulating cultural environment in which everyone has the opportunity to express their qualities and differences, but also to evolve according to their own aspirations.






In recent years, there has been a growing interest in sustainable finance and the excitement around these products is only continuing to grow. Our aim is to meet clients' expectations and support their sense of purpose by providing asset managers with a dedicated ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) indicator for their financial products. This new official indicator measures the level of sustainability of a product and is now available within our integrated IT system (S2i).

Further, among the challenges we are tackling, is the reduction of Azqore’s environmental impact as a company, in particular as an IT host, whilst we strive to be responsible for the lowest possible impact on our planet.

To this end, our basic philosophy is that 'every action counts'. With this in mind, in each of their respective areas, all of Azqore's teams acts for better resource management. The Lausanne Data Center, for example, energy-consuming by its very nature, has set up strict monitoring, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption across the infrastructure.




Quality of life at the workplace


Developing quality of life at the workplace involves a variety of measures including paying particular attention to social and professional relations, the missions carried out, their content and objectives, and also the opportunities provided to each individual, as well as the proper balance between professional and private life.

At Azqore, the work philosophy is based on a high degree of employee responsibility. This allows everyone to benefit from the many opportunities offered by a growing company which relies on team spirit.

We are continuing to expand the list of employee benefits with the aim of offering a full range of extra-professional activities and attractive additional packages while ensuring the optimisation of work organisation.






Azqore is committed to targeted charitable initiatives, most often in the form of volunteer services to which employees are invited to take part. The Azqore Hub in Singapore, a forerunner in this approach, is a source of inspiration, particularly considering the success of the actions that have been organised regularly: as a result, a large number of employees have become motivated to devote part of their time to local charities.