11/2020 - Our S2i 2.0 Platform

In 2020, Azqore is set to conclude the technological transformation of its S2i platform. It is a comprehensive upgrade to its technical foundations, covering both the technology and infrastructure deployed.

Future starts a minute from now and we are prepared to help you face and capitalize on it. Our platform will enable our banking clients to gain access to the FinTech pioneers in the market, while capitalising an integrated, stable, and high-performance IS. 
In the near future, our S2i 2.0 platform will provide banks with the opportunity to benefit from our host of solutions which includes Wealth Dynamix for Client Lifecycle Management and Evooq for Investment Proposals. Azqore successfully continues its transformation of its clients’ offering and range of state-of-the-art digital products in the Azqore Market Place and this support will be joined by other partners soon.

We are committed to offer the best and most enhanced User Experience to our clients. In our efforts to do so, we are actively involved in modernising and innovating our technology platform which reflects in our ongoing work on the Design System. This system benefits from the combined UX and UI expertise of Azqore and Capgemini. 

With the completion of the Qore Evolution Project, Azqore now boasts a modernised platform that is assured to meet the most stringent requirements of not just today’s, but tomorrow's Wealth Managers.

Communication Department - November 2020

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