11/2020 - The new Azqore website is a demonstration of our UX/UI expertise

For Azqore, the year 2020 marks the completion of one of its largest technological transformations: The Qore Evolution Project. Launched in 2015, this transformation allows our clients to benefit from access to the most innovative Fintechs on the market from a secure and open environment. Another milestone of this global transformation involves the updating of our digital communication tools such as our website.

As you browse through our newly revamped website, it is clear that Azqore’s identity is growing and asserting itself. In contrast to our old website, we have strategically decided for our new web pages to appear in “dark mode”, a low-light UI that helps to enhance visual aesthetics and ergonomics. Both of which allows us to deliver an elegant looking site that offers a better visual experience whilst also helping to reduce eye strain and exposure to blue light. 

Another stark new feature involves a series of sleek visuals of Azqore’s yellow sailboats, a key theme throughout our brand identity that reflects our Swiss private bankers’ DNA. These yellow sailboats are a visual representation of our ACT22 corporate project. Indeed, the notion of crew, piloting and expertise is very well illustrated with the theme of navigation and sailing that we have chosen. 

Azqore’s commercial proposal is further enhanced through the introduction of in-depth animations to aid in the visualisation of the solutions we offer. The expression of our two offers “Premium” and “Essential” has also been revised, and in the coming months we will be adding new content that will detail our products and services. 

We decided to team up with agencies whose values were aligned to ours, in order to create a product that would best reflect Azqore. As such, we strategically created a multidisciplinary project team which encompasses Azqore’s communication team, Kaliop Interactive Media, and Idean (Capgemini’s digital design agency) to produce an efficient and innovative digital tool centered around the end user.

We thank our clients for taking the time to share their testimonials with us and for giving us the permission to publish their content on our website. We believe that one of Azqore’s biggest strengths is its vibrant and active community of clients, partners and employees who together make up the Azqore Client Team, the driving force for growth in Azqore.

Stéphanie Ghinsberg, Azqore Communication Manager

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