Optimisation of your business model

In an increasingly dynamic and ever-changing banking world, Azqore takes pride in its ability to accelerate your growth. The complementarity of Azqore's solutions enables you to make significant savings on your IT operating costs while accelerating your digital transformation.

 The Pooling of Core Functions and Digital Investments

Cost pooling is fundamental to Azqore.  Our aim: to pool all the system’s core functions (non-differentiating), as well as all costs inherent in the implementation of new technologies. This strategy enables you to achieve economies of scale of up to 40% on Information Technology (IT) and Back Office Operations. This cost pooling offers an additional advantage: it enables your bank to be in full compliance with standard and regulatory changes, while ensuring a high level of security. 

Azqore supports you in your strategy and is able to adapt to your specific requirements while providing you with the mutual benefits of its solutions.

 The RISE offer: Rethink, re-Invent & Share your Expansion

The private banking sector is in the midst of a revival. Banking organisations must improve their productivity, comply with regulations, maintain operational excellence, and respond to new digital issues relating to data management and use, while opening up to new market solutions provided by the Fintechs. To support Wealth Management players in the transformation of their business model and their respective digitalisation, Azqore provides its prospects and clients with a global transformation solution: The RISE offer.

Azqore offers an innovative approach to the performance of a feasibility assessment which evaluates costs as-is (including depreciation and amortisation), and also evaluates costs in the context of shareholder expectations. According to the RISE analysis, a proposal is issued for operating costs for the next five years, representing up to 40% of your current operational costs. This feasibility assessment is contract-based, i.e. it is not based on internal changes and projects whose costs are not guaranteed or capped. The implementation price proposed by Azqore is therefore based on measurable and tangible parameters, thus making the proposal realistic, objective, and achievable. Azqore offers you global transformation, of which the resulting social impacts are also perfectly controlled.


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We offer our clients stability and excellence throughout our endeavours with them. Our commitment to maintain the highest levels of quality can be reflected in all stages of our operational activities. Azqore has established a team dedicated to customer satisfaction, within the Risk and Permanent Control Department to ensure best-in-class experience for our clients. We build strong and enduring partnerships with our clients to maintain operational excellence which is essential to the success of our common goals. Our success lies in yours.

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