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Path 1

Business Partners  

This course brings together
project managers and sales teams.   

Path 2


This course is aimed at managers.

Path 3


This course is dedicated to
functional experts in banking and IT.


  • Opening up to two international groups: the Crédit Agricole Group and Capgemini 
  • Certification programmes with specific support


  • I joined Azqore in August 2018. I came from a major international bank with 200,000 employees. I appreciate Azqore's human scale, the accessibility of the management and the opportunities to propose new ideas. Florent DONINI - Azqore Business Services
  • Azqore has enabled me to evolve significantly and to enhance the skills I have acquired in the banking field. I am fortunate to be able to evolve within a dynamic and constantly changing environment, with very rewarding relationships. Tatiana HARTJE - Azqore Business Services
  • For me, Azqore is a dynamic, innovative company that is receptive to the personal initiatives of its employees. This transparency allows me to fully pursue my dual roles as both banking specialist and IT developer. Tristan MAGPANTAY - Value files
  • At Azqore, everyone's voice is heard, regardless of rank. This creates a very interesting dynamic and enables us to constantly improve. Marine DUCOMMUN - Finance
  • As a member of Azqore's security team, I can take advantage of and continue to extend my knowledge in computer science and cyber-security, by participating in the various projects of a company that is constantly evolving. Esther PRUDHON - Security
  • Azqore is evolving within a dynamic environment driven by digital acceleration and increased demands from our customers. The projects are exciting and enriching, within a framework that encourages autonomy and promotes the development of human and professional skills. Rebecca MARTI - Azqore Business Services

Our certifications

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The Azqore Client Portal

The Azqore Client Portal has recently launched its own Forum. This interactive, digital tool, enables you to interact with any of Azqore's experts on subjects affecting you. Indeed, this Azqore portal is a major communication channel between yourself and us. It will provide you with access to all the important news related to Azqore.

Additionally to the forum itself, you will also be provided with the opportunity to undertake training in the use of S2i very efficiently, by way of the Azqore Academy. The eLearning platform includes all banking professions and features no less than one-hundred user manuals and approximately seventy videos, as well as numerous surveys. It is a complete toolbox that enables you to acquire certifications attesting to your mastery of the system.

Corporate life


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Our S2i 2.0 Platform

In 2020, Azqore is set to conclude the technological transformation of its S2i platform. It is a comprehensive upgrade to its technical foundations, covering both the technology and infrastructure deployed.

The new Azqore website is a demonstration of our UX/UI expertise

For Azqore, the year 2020 marks the completion of one of its largest technological transformations: The Qore Evolution Project. Launched in 2015, this transformation allows our clients to benefit from access to the most innovative Fintechs on the market from a secure and open environment. Another milestone of this global transformation involves the updating of our digital communication tools such as our website.

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