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Banking and technological expertise

The quality of our services is enhanced due to our proximity to our clients' environments. It can be explained by our origin.  Our team was created within a Private Bank, Indosuez in Switzerland and from the entrepreneurial spirit of a dozen passionate individuals. In 1992, their pioneering vision focusing on benefits to banks led them to pool their resources around a single, integrated, multi-bank information system - the S2i platform.

This team, nurtured by the essence of the Swiss Private Banking culture of quality, security and confidentiality,- further evolved to become what it is today. Today, despite the fact that our activities have become completely autonomous, we remain members of the Crédit Agricole Group, the world´s 13th largest banking group. This is the source of several of our distinctive assets: our intimate knowledge of the Private Banking world and its requirements, the quality of our operational approach, the reliability of our risk control and compliance systems, and the credibility of our financial solidity.

Azqore demonstrates its ability to transform and digitalise the S2i information system. To achieve this aim, Azqore relies on the expertise of its employees and its leading digital ecosystem. The partnership signed in 2018 with Capgemini, a world leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology services and engineering, enables Azqore to accelerate the development of its digital products and services.

Since 1997, Capgemini’s World Wealth Report has offered insight into high-net-worth individual (HNWI) segments and wealth management trends. Each year Azqore contributes to the report as a technology partner.
The 2021 edition examines examines the global HNWI population and wealth growth dynamics. Discover how investing in talent and technology to provide hybrid advisory services is critical to capture customer mindshare in today’s wealth management landscape. 

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The Azqore Client Team, a Prolific Community

Approximately 30 banks are customers of our S2i platform, a testament that reinforces the interests of the community and enables us to benefit from it.

Events are organised on a regular basis to maintain and strengthen the Azqore Client Team community. The connect enables you to meet our partners and exchange information with other banks. Whether on a personal level or remotely, Azqore offers you the opportunity to actively participate in the development of the IS and its services, whilst keeping you informed of the platform's new features. The "Azqore Users Club", held every two months, provides S2i user customers with the opportunity to exchange information with Product Experts and our partners concerning specific issues. Held annually, "Azqore Evolutions” is a major event that provides the opportunity for our clients to listen in on Azqore’s major developments in the current year, and in the years to come. “Azqore's Project Plan" and "Azqore's Workshops", are participative meetings, where the key topics include: co-construction and, the sharing of experiences and requirements.

The Azqore Client Team community is a key asset in your transformation, and we make every effort to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience amongst all members.

The highest level of quality in all our actions

In an increasingly competitive and complex banking world, the rigour of our quality approach helps us excel in all that we do,

Data security is paramount to us. Through regularly test processes, we are able to assure our clients that we maintain the highest level of security in all our actions. Attaining the ISO 27001 standard certification reflects Azqore's commitment to maintaining data and process protection.
Every client database is hosted in Switzerland at Azqore’s premises and benefits from perfect sealing (Tier 3 certified).  Alternatively, you can also select a local S2i solution and host the confidential data in your own premises.

We are also committed to managing your compliance constraints, and complying with operational risk control and management requirements.
Reliability and risk control are at the very heart of the Azqore identity. Quality is the core of our Azqore brand - the letter “Q” refers to quality -
Quality maintenance and risk control underline the entire business and involve globally certified processes (documentation, process control, systems and applications).
To measure your satisfaction, we have a complete signal tracking system, In other words, we conduct a quarterly survey of our clients who are requested to rate our performance via key indicators.

Our certifications

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Azqore Client Portal

The Azqore Client Portal has recently launched its own Forum. An interactive, digital tool that enables you to interact with Azqore's experts on any subject. The Azqore Client Portal is a major channel of communication between yourself and our team, providing you with access to all the important news related to Azqore, as well as to an extensive documentary corpus. You will also be able to undertake highly effective training in the use of S2i via the Azqore Academy, an eLearning platform for all banking professionals which contains no less than 100 user manuals, approximately 70 videos, and numerous surveys. The Azqore Client Portal is a complete tool that enables you to acquire certifications attesting to your mastery of the S2i system.

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